Review Requests

Dear Authors,

It is an honor to know that you are considering my little blog. If you are interested in having your book reviewed by me, before you send me an email with the book’s description and the answers to the questions below, I want to elaborate a little bit:

    • I do not receive any payment from authors or publishers for any book reviews and recommendations posted on this blog.
    • When I choose to review your book, I hope you appreciate my honesty and don’t take it as a personal attack. It is just my subjective opinion based on what I enjoy in reading.
    • I cannot promise that your book will be reviewed here if I find myself struggle to finish it. I hope you can understand it. I apologize in advance.
    • I do not cross-post, I only put all my reviews on this blog, not on Goodreads or Amazon.
    • i do not participate in book blasts, book blitzes, cover reveals, or promotions.
    • I am into romance with HEA and my go-to genres are contemporary, paranormal, urban fantasy for Adults and New Adults. I’m open to erotica as long as there is a love story underlining it, since pure erotica usually turns me off. I enjoy a psychological thriller with crazy plot twists as long as the romance is still the main focus. Everything has to be about romance. 😉
    • I love both traditionally and self-published authors.
    • At this moment I prefer F/M only.
    • ARCs are appreciated in epub or mobi format but not necessary. Although I feel honored accepting new books and being able to read them before the release date, I love having a freedom to choose which ones I’m in the mood for. That is the reason I purchase almost all the books I review here (minus the ones which are gifted). You don’t have to send me a copy at all. Just send me the information about your book, and if I love the sound of it I will purchase it myself on the release date. However, if you want me to review your book before the release date, I will be honored to do it as well. Any ARCs provided to me will not be shared or sold to anyone.

Please send me your email to geybiesbookblog(at)gmail(dot)com, complete with these following questions:

      • Book genre: Contemporary or Paranormal? I prefer Contemporary at this moment but I’m open to Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.
      • YA, NA, Adult, or Erotica?
      • When is the release date?
      • Is there a HEA? This is a must for me.
      • Standalone or part of a series? 
      • If a series, can they be read standalone? Do the book/books have cliffhangers? When will the rest be released?
      • Is there a love triangle? Or cheating? Or death? Or dying? Please be specific, complete with the twist if there is any. It is important for me.

Please also include the following in the email:

      • Synopsis/blurb
      • Amazon link
      • Goodreads link
      • Excerpt

Thank you! Look forward to hearing from you. 😀