Weekly Recap – Monthly Budgets for Books (May 21, 2017)

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Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you’re all enjoying this weekend. I had a wonderful week and did have a great reading time. I hope you did too. I want to give an update on my reading progress.

Do you have a monthly budget for books? I read mostly ebooks (kindle) these days. They are cheaper and easy to carry, but my one-click habit has been out of control these last few months. I have so many books I’ve purchased that I’m not sure I’ll manage to read. They’re just sitting on my kindle and waiting for my attention. As a slow reader who has limited time to read, I’m struggling to read more than two books a week. So I’m planning to limit my monthly budgets by choosing the books I’m really interested in reading.

The books I list below are just some of MANY. I have so many books I want to mention but choose to focus on the ones I’m really planning on reading instead.

Last week on the blog:

I managed to read two books–Claim & Protect (Haven Brotherhood #2) by Rhenna Morgan and The Queen and The Cure (The Bird and The Sword Chronicles #2) by Amy Harmon–and enjoyed them. Even though one did not live to my expectations, I had a great time reading it. I highly recommend Claim & Protect if you love Kristen Ashley’s books. That book did remind me of the old KA’s books that I LOVED.

 Claim & Protect (Haven Brotherhood #3) by Rhenna Morgan The Queen and the Cure (The Bird and the Sword Chronicles Book 2) by Amy Harmon

Books I just received and purchased:

I got one new book last from NetGalley, The Red by Tiffany Reisz. The blurb made me “WOW” and I was so curious about it.

 Ruckus (Sinners of Saint, #2) CROW (Boston Underworld Book 1) by [Zavarelli, A.] REAPER (Boston Underworld Book 2) by [Zavarelli, A.] Redeeming Love: A Novel by [Rivers, Francine] Misconduct by [Douglas, Penelope]

Books I’m looking forward:

I’m planning to buy some books that have been on my radar such as The Clover Chapel by Devney Perry.

The Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley Series Book 2) by [Perry, Devney]

And I can’t wait to read Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker. I already pre-ordered the book and can’t wait to read it next month. I hope it will be live sooner though.

Until It Fades: A Novel by [Tucker, K.A.]

Book I’m currently reading:

I’m currently reading Crow (Boston Underworld #1) by A. Zavarelli and Misconduct by Penelope Douglas. I’m enjoying them so far.

CROW (Boston Underworld Book 1) by [Zavarelli, A.] Misconduct by [Douglas, Penelope] 

That is all from me. What are your all-time and latest favorites? 😀

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81 responses to “Weekly Recap – Monthly Budgets for Books (May 21, 2017)

  1. Greg Hill

    I’ve had to cut back on my book buying some but I do like kindle books because they’re sometimes cheaper (although lately I’ve been seeing em for 10.99 and higher and I’m like, STAHP!! lol. And I do one-click a lot. I used to not have a ton on my kindle but it’s pretty loaded now…

    Hope all your new acquisitions are good. 🙂 I think Misconduct looks interesting.

  2. I have a pretty bad one-click addiction, too. And I really should just stop so I can read all the books I already have!
    The Red is such a taboo story, Geybie. It was really good, and I loved it! I hope you will, too.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    • I’m in the mood for something out of my comfort zone, Lexxie. A little bit challenge. I think I’m gonna have a great ride with that book. Haha.
      Have a wonderful week, too. Happy reading. 😁

  3. Glad to hear you’ve had a great week with great reading 🙂 I don’t have a book budget because I’m good about not spending. And I know that if I reach the last of my Amazon gift cards (I also buy ebooks), I won’t let myself buy anymore until I get another gift card from someone, so that motivates me to save it for series I like and only books that I REALLY want.

  4. I haven’t been buying too many books this past year but saying that I am going book shopping next week and I have a list. However I am going to try and buy #books thay I really want to read as opposed to just buying for buyings sake as I love to do that too lol. I am so excited to read Red have you read Tiffanys other #books? Have a great week.

    • I haven’t purchased some of her books but I haven’t read any of them. I hear great things about her writing, though, so I can’t wait to start The Red. Have a wonderful week, too, Megan. 😁

  5. You’re not the only one with a one click habit I’m sure. I don’t have a book budget but I try not to spend too much. I don’t worry so much about the 99p deals on Amazon but I do worry when I go to book stores!

    • Oh yeah, paperbacks are not cheap, especially when you’re eyeing more than one book. That’s the reason I choose ebooks. But ebooks can be a trap too. I’m paying the price now. Haha. Have a wonderful week, Emma. 😁

  6. I made wishlists on Amazon and only grab freebies or books that are 99. If I REALLY want the book I will spend more but not over $5. Ebooks at are the same price as regular books I add to my wishlist to see if they will go on sale and grab them then. I love my ebooks, physical are nice but I love to have all my book with me 🙂

    Have a great week, Geybie! Happy Reading!

    • $0.99 books are really tempting!! I thought by giving up buying physical books I would be able to save. Yay, ebooks are more dangerous than I thought. I have less control when it comes to buying cheaper ebooks than regular priced paper books. 😀

  7. I’m thinking about disabling the one-click option on Amazon, and sticking strictly to physical books for a bit. I’m on a very tight budget (not just books, but life) and I’m trying to avoid spending AS much on books. I’ll have to see how it goes…

  8. I don’t have a monthly budget. I kind of just buy what I want. I’m also starting to buy more and get less from Blog tours because I’ve had to tell a few people hat I’m still posting my less than favorable reviews since I took time to read the book. I’ll wait until the week after release BUT I will post my thoughts.

  9. In theory we have a montly book budget – but there are 2 bookaholics in our household and if one is being good, you can guarantee the other one is being weak, so we rarely stick to it – sadly… Have a great week!

  10. I am currently on a book buying ban as I have so many books that I haven’t read as well as an addiction to downloading freebies, requesting ARCS and borrowing from the library. I only get to buy books with birthday/christmas money at the moment.

  11. I have a terrible 1 click habit and hundreds of books on my kindle that I have forgotten about. I just signed up for COYER summer reading and made myself a list of 30 books that are sitting neglected on my kindle to read this summer. Its always my ARC addiction that gets me in trouble.
    I can’t wait for your reviews of Crow and Misconduct-both made my summer reading list since they have been sitting on my kindle forever!

    • I’m planning on signing up for COYER too. These ebooks need to be read sooner or later. I’m feeling like I’m wasting money if I don’t. Oh yeah, those two are what I’m currently reading. I’ll post my review as soon as possible. 😁

  12. Haha, no, I don’t have a monthly budget.. But I have more like a.. budget-budget 😀 you see, I won’t put my card on Amazon. Just for sanity reasons. So I can only buy books when I have a gift card. And since I don’t live in America, I can’t buy gift cards (you can only get those if you’re in US, for some reason). So it’s even more restrictive this way, which is even better if you’re trying to limit your TBR. So I basically have like 50 bucks from some gift for Christmas or for my birthday and that’s my budget 😀 in a way, it works out, cause I only buy books when they’re on huge sale, and if I’ve spent it all, I can’t buy any at all. It sort of makes sense 🙂
    I totally know what you mean with books sitting on the Kindle though. And do you have a monthly budget?

    • I have a monthly budget, Avalinah. I usually try to not spend more than $80 a month. But those sales are draining my budget real quickly. You think that they’re cheap but when you click eight to ten a day, they are not cheap at all. 😞😭

  13. I don’t really have a book budget, but that said, I have been trying to cut back on what I buy and have been using the library more. There are a lot of books that I want to read but don’t necessarily want to own so that’s my way to save a little more money to put toward titles that I really do want in my collection.

  14. The library has been my downfall lately. I mean it’s free but I have so many books at home that I need to read yet I can’t seem to stop checking them out! The KA Tucker looks good and I’ve been really wanting to try her books. Hope you enjoy it and have a great week!

    • Wow, it’s so fun to have a library that has the books you read. There is no any here, so bookstores and amazon are where I buy books. Yes, I can’t wait to read it, Katherine. I love K.A. Tucker’s writing. Her Ten Tiny Breaths series is my favorite by hers. I highly recommend them. 😁👍🏻

  15. I’m going to have to cut back on my book buying, I’m just getting to many physical books. I do love my Kindle and I especially like reading and highlighting entries, it’s easier for review time. I go through whims, I one-click a lot or buy physical books, usually one or the other. I don’t really have a book budget, I try to place a big order at the beginning of the month at Amazon and throughout the month I sometimes find something that interests me at Target or Walmart and pick that up. I really need to go on a book buying ban, my tbr on Kindle and physical books is getting out of hand.

    I think you’re doing good reading two books a week, I can’t see how some post a review everyday… I could never do it. Like someone said on another blog, “It’s not a competition”

    I really enjoy Amy Harmon and A. Zavarelli, great selection you have. Enjoy your day and happy reading.

    • Thank you, Jovita. I would love to read more but yeah life happens and unfortunately reading has to be the second priority. Anyway, I’m enjoying Crow and loving it so far. I can’t believe I’ve just recently discovered this great author. Glad that you enjoyed it too. Good luck with your book buying ban. I know it’s hard. 🙈😁

  16. My book budget is mostly for print books and I usually stash cash in a jar for when I visit book stores and thrift shops. eBooks are so easy to one click and I’ve even cancelled a couple of purchases because of impulse buying. LOL

    My Sunday Post

    • Oh yeah I see. Print books aren’t cheap. I did buy lots of physical books that I’d never read. I finally sent them to the library and some friends that loved reading novels. It was hard but necessary.

      Anyway, have a wonderful week and happy reading. 😁

  17. What a pretty, colorful blog! It is so easy to click and buy an e-book. I try not too, but I usually can’t help myself. I pretty much stopped buying paperbacks unless they are the larger trade paperbacks. If it’s a favorite author, I will splurge on a hardcover. I love Tiffany Reisz’s books, I read a few of her Original Sinners books and the first two blew me out of the water. I saw The Red over at NetGalley but my Nook is full right now so I controlled myself…lol.
    Enjoy your books and have a nice week!

    • Thank you! We have the same problem with ebooks. I did stop buying paperbacks a few months ago and donated most of mine to the library in need. I’ve heard about The Original Sinners but haven’t read them yet. Many have recommended it to me. Sounds so good.
      I hope you have a wonderful week, too. 😁

  18. I have a horrible one-click addiction as well. I usually can’t resist the sale books, though, so that’s been helping me. A book budget is a good idea I think. Especially if you’re clicking on full-priced books.

  19. carolesrandomlife

    I have a problem with buying too many books. I can’t help it…I wan’t them all. I am usually able to earn an amazon giftcard every month doing a few things online and I use that to fund my book habit. I don’t feel bad that way since the money was in my bank account in the first place. Enjoy all of your new books!

  20. Ah yes book buying can get out of hand, and the worst thing about an ebook is they can be sort of out of sight and eventually out of mind. I don’t have a book budget per se per month but I do have a budget that I try to keep within. Saves me sometimes!!

    • Oh great that book budget does work for you, Kathryn. I’ve exceeded my monthly budget these past few months. I don’t have self-control when it comes to books, especially ebooks. 🙈😁

  21. Pussreboots

    I don’t have a book buying budget. Rather, I have a goal of no more than one new book per week in a month. So a month with four weeks, I can buy four. A month with five, I can buy five. That plan doesn’t always work, especially when I’m also buying books for my children.

    My husband is home. My daughter had two pieces in her school’s art show. And we got new cement poured at the bottom of our stoop. Come see what I’m reading.

  22. I don’t really have a *monthly* book budget, per se… more like a seasonal budget. For example, the Fall season in books is coming, and I’ve got several Fall books in my cart – Jane Unlimited, The Knowing, The Becoming of Noah Shaw.

    I’ve heard great things about Amy Harmon’s books! I may need to try the first one in that series (the bird one?). I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Have a fabulous week, Geybie. =)

    Check out my STS post!

  23. I actually don’t have a monthly budget for books but I do try to be careful about what I buy. It hasn’t been a huge problem lately because other than a few that I just can’t NOT buy, I’m full up with review copies or books that I already own! I try not to click unless it’s the next up on my reading list.

    I also have limited time to read and only get through one to two books a week, especially when they are 500+ page monsters which seem to be my preferred read.

    I hope we BOTH get more reading time and have lots of good books ahead this week! 🙂

    • Thanks, Di. I see you’ve been so busy lately. I hope you enjoyed your travel. Same with you, I prefer 500+ books. I rarely enjoy novellas. They felt too rushed at times.
      Anyway, have a wonderful week. 😁

  24. “…my one-click habit…”

    I’ve got one of those habits, too. :-/ I KNOW I’ll never read the books I have and it still doesn’t seem to stop me from buying more!

  25. Kathy Martin

    I don’t buy as many books as I used to because I get so many for review. I keep trying not to add to my TBR mountain. I have 104 2017 purchases still to read but 32 are review books. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  26. Oh yeah, one-click and I are old pals. I love when I click to buy and it tells me I bought it a year ago. *hangs head* Enjoy your new lovelies. I will be reading Tucker soon.

  27. At one stage my one-click habit was out of control and I solved it by buying a $10 gift card every month and just using that. That way I really had to think my purchases out! Nowadays I don’t buy many books, so I don’t really worry. Most of my books come from the library, or are ARCs. And of course I have stacks of unread books too, that I really need to get to!

  28. Oh, I’m so with you on the whole one-click thing. I’m not TOO bad, but sometimes I find myself buying a few around the same time and I just know I don’t have time to read them. I’ll get to them though!


  29. HI Geybie-
    I get so many free Kindle reads that I am very selective on purchases. Maybe 1 or two a week at most. I also have to resist the Audible Daily Deals altho I am pretty sure I will eventually listen to those. If I get one or two in any given week I make sure I take a box lunch instead of buying any lunches that week!
    The Francine River title is a nice balance to your other reads, 🙂
    Happy Reading!

  30. Drangonfly

    Unfortunately my family budget is tight now that I don;t have a budget for books. I think I read mostly ebooks as well for all the reasons you mentioned. I go for the freebies. All the time. I’ve got great books that way like Red Rising, Angelfall, and ACOTAR. And I hear you. More than I would ever be able to read!

    would be inappropriate if I say I want to eat the cover of Crow??? OMG!!!! 🙂

    • I check freebies every day to look for good looking ones. I got lots of great ones that way, too, which most of them I haven’t read. I’m limiting my budget from now. I’m actually a minimalist but a hoarder when it comes to books. 🙈
      Oh yeah, Crow’s cover is gorgeous. Hehe. 😍

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