Book Recommendations for Mothers on Mother’s Day

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Book Recommendations for Mothers on Mother's Day & Giveaway

Have you thought about what you will give to your mothers on Mother’s Day? My mother does not love reading and she is extremely picky when it comes to things. She didn’t like the gifts my sisters and I gave so it is difficult for us to give her anything. It doesn’t mean that she’s never appreciated our gifts. She is but she loves buying her own things since she knows what fits and suits her more than anyone else. We finally decide to give her vouchers to her favorite stores.

What about you? If your mother is like us, a bookworm, and reading is one she is very passionate about, I have some book recommendations that you can consider AND a giveaway ($250 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal) for your option. She can buy plenty of books or things she wants.

Recommended Books for Mothers:

Here is my list of latest favorites that I think your mom would love. They are all romance books but not dark or have sensitive contains. If your mother loves these kinds of books, you might want to consider these books.

The Bronze Horseman Series by Paullina Simons (Adult, Historical Romance):

This is my all time favorite. It is an epic love story.

The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1) Tatiana and Alexander (The Bronze Horseman #2) The Summer Garden (The Bronze Horseman, #3)

Standalone books (Adult, Contemporary Romance):

All these books are slow burn romances.

Mists of the Serengeti Wait for It The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract Series Book 1) by [Higginson, Rachel]  Book Review - The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley #1) by Devney Perry Before I Ever Met You by Karina Halle The Gravity of Us by Brittainy Cherry Wrecking Ball (Hard To Love #1) Cruel & Beautiful (A Cruel and Beautiful Book Book 1) by [Laine, Terri E., Hargrove, A.M.] Riveted (Saints of Denver, #3) Egomaniac

Young Adult, Contemporary Romance:

I don’t read a lot of young adult books these days but this book is my favorite young adult. It is an epic love story that will touch your heart so deeply.

A Thousand Boy Kisses

The Others series by Anne Bishop (Paranormal Romance):

This is a slow burn, epic paranormal romance that I love.

Written In Red: A Novel of the Others by [Bishop, Anne] Murder of Crows: A Novel of the Others by [Bishop, Anne] Vision In Silver: A Novel of the Others by [Bishop, Anne] Marked In Flesh (A Novel of the Others Book 4) by [Bishop, Anne] Etched in Bone (A Novel of the Others) by [Bishop, Anne]

The list of books above is just some of my latest favorites that I think your mother would love. All of them are slow burn romances, epic, well-written books. However, if your mother is an adventurous reader, check out my complete list of top recommendations based on themes below.

I hope you get perfect books for your mother from the list above. 😀


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69 responses to “Book Recommendations for Mothers on Mother’s Day

  1. Beware Of The Reader

    Fantastic choices Geybie! I hope your giveaway will bring you many more followers. I must confess even for 250 USD I’m too lazy to fill in all the requests LOL Good luck! <3

  2. oh aww these look super cool. I don’t think I’m getting any books for Mother’s day but I already own a couple of these. Really need to read The Bronzed Horseman

  3. My mom only reads True Crime books, I actually thought about getting her a Kindle. One that doesn’t have a lot of features because she has a hard time working the DVD player…lol

  4. Drangonfly

    The Bronze Horseman Series sounds so epic and beautiful! and it has so many good reviews! I’ll check it out. I did not know the Other had romance!!! Good to know! Thanks for all this good recommendatios 🙂

  5. Great suggestions! My mom does do much reading. I bought her some shoes she’s wanted and a couple of cross stitch thingies. I can always buy myself some books for Mother’s Day though …. lol

    • Oh you are so lucky, hon. My mom doesn’t like reading and is so hard to please. She wants gifts every month too so you can imagine what I have to deal with every month. It is hard to find something that she’ll love. 😖😁

  6. What a lovely giveaway. I’d love to gift my mother a book for Mother’s Day, but she is very particular about what she reads and often can’t find the time to do so. Still, I appreciate all these recommendations and will have to check them out myself.

  7. EXCELLENT choices! The Bronze Horseman is my all-time favorite ‘epic’ novel, too! I’ve read (and LOVED) 7 of your 10 slow-burns, which is my favorite. I’ll be adding the other 3 to my TBR, for sure! Thank you for the recommendations 😊

  8. Though I’ve heard amazing things about ‘Bronze Horseman,’ I’ve never read it. The series sure do have beautiful covers, which makes me all the more curious. 🙂

    PS: Thanks so much for the recent Finding Wonderland blog follow, Geybie.

  9. Greg Hill

    Nice that you gave recommendations! What a great idea. My mom is a reader but I’m not sure what she’s reading these days! I’ll have to ask her. 🙂

    Looks like a great list!

  10. My mom and I both love to read. She enjoys reading alot of books after I have read them. Some she likes some she doesn’t. 😉 I will be saving this incredible list of books!

  11. It’s nice to read about a whole bunch of books that you’ve never heard of before. 🙂

    A Thousand Boy Kisses sounds particularly interesting to me.

    Here is my TTT.

  12. Great list! I have Anne Bishop on my TBR for this year and am really looking forward to the series. Now I need to go check out your lists of lists! That’s a lot recommendations!

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