Favorite List of Love Triangle, Angsty Romance Books

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This list contains of my favorite books that have love triangle and full of angst themes. They have managed to ruin my life. Yep, they did. I was hangover for weeks after reading each one of them. But at the same time they made my reading experience colorful and exciting. If you like these kinds of crazy, angsty romance or in the mood for them, I highly recommend them. But I need to warn you, though, these heart-wrenching and painful love stories will make you cry your eyes out and second guess your own moral.

The books in this list has been carefully selected as the best ones based on what I have read and LOVED. I don’t review all of the books I posted here since they are the books I’d read way before I started blogging. I will update this list whenever I read the books that have the same theme and as good as the rest in this list, so please keep checking back.

Thoughtless by [Stephens, S.C.] Maybe Someday by [Hoover, Colleen] The Mighty Storm (The Storm series Book 1) by [Towle, Samantha] The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies Book 1) by [Fisher, Tarryn] Arsen. A broken love story by [Asher, Mia] Collide: Book One in the Collide Series by [McHugh, Gail] True Love Story by [Aster, Willow] Undeniable by [Sheehan, Madeline] 53 Letters For My Lover by [Attar, Leylah] In the Stillness by [Randall, Andrea] A Delicate Truth by [McKnight, Zoe] Love, in English by [Halle, Karina] One True Loves: A Novel by [Reid, Taylor Jenkins]

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